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Integrated marketing and public relations - Portland, OR


"Brenner quickly learned our business, our markets and our competitive landscape and then continued to provide the highest level of strategic thinking, planning and facilitation of each PR campaign."

David Thiel

Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard

Brenner Associates Marketing Communications was founded by two industry heavyweights who left cushy jobs at a Silicon Valley mega-agency in order to create something new – a communications firm that offers each client unprecedented day-to-day attention by award-winning senior-level professionals.

Now, over a decade later, the agency has become a small powerhouse agency with a highly respected reputation for consistently getting companies their unfair share of media attention and customer visibility.


Here's why you get results:

First, the communications professionals at Brenner Associates are all senior-level pros. Each has fifteen years or more experience creating innovative strategies and working with the media. Since there are no junior-level staff members, industry veterans are implementing all aspects of the communications plan – from creating tactics, to writing press releases, right on down to pitching stories to their contacts in the press.

Secondly, our Virtual Executive Only (VEO) business model allows us to act quickly and remain available for anytime access. This model also takes a huge bite out of traditional agency overhead so clients are charged only for activities focused on getting results.

Next, we have unprecedented expertise in new media communications. Blogs, wikis, RSS, search engine optimization, social networking… the landscape is changing rapidly and it’s not enough to simply follow others – one must take the lead.

Brenner Associates not only uses new media strategies, but we’ve actually been hired by several leading new media technology companies to assist with their own marketing success. From viral video distribution to web feed technology to Internet news-gathering tools. We know it. We do it. We also limit the number of clients any one professional at Brenner Associates has at any given time. This means our clients have direct any-time access to the professionals focused on their business.

Lastly, Brenner Associates charges a flat hourly fee so budgets are easy to project and review. Each tactic we implement is associated with measurable goals. Most importantly, we are focused on getting the results clients need to succeed.

Brenner Associates

Brenner Associates Guarantees:

  • Direct and ongoing senior-level attention
  • Traditional and new media expertise
  • Highest priority status
  • Proactive counsel
  • 24/7 access to staff
  • Results that reach your business objectives



Brenner Associates is a founding member of ICAC. This organization is made up of other distinguished boutique PR and marketing agencies that have unparalleled expertise in various fields of communications. The purpose of the Cartel is to serve as a community for idea development, resource sharing and creative brainstorming. In addition, it provides access to a deep talent pool of marketing specialists should the need for additional expertise or backup arise.