Technology and Consumer Electronics

Integrated marketing and public relations - Portland, OR


"Brenner quickly learned our business, our markets and our competitive landscape and then continued to provide the highest level of strategic thinking, planning and facilitation of each PR campaign."

David Thiel

Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard

First and foremost, Brenner Associates is a marketing agency for technology and consumer electronics companies. That is how we began and that is how we built our reputation. Before opening its doors in Portland, the founding members of Brenner were senior-level executives at some of the largest tech agencies in Silicon Valley. In fact, Brenner Associates began as a vision of providing small and mid-sized tech companies with better results than they were getting from Silicon Valley’s mega- agencies - at a fraction of the cost. That was in 1999, and we haven’t stopped since.

Brenner Associates

Tech Industry Marketing

Over the past decade, Brenner Associates has helped introduce high technology products to the marketplace and launch consumer electronics products to the public. Our reputation for providing our clients with an unfair share of positive attention for their products, their technologies and their companies is second to none.

Here’s how we do it...

  • Understanding your market
  • Smart strategy and planning
  • Developing the right messages
  • Excellent technical writing skills
  • Creating the materials that bring it all together
  • Leveraging our long-standing relationships with the press
  • Integrated marketing - bringing together traditional and digital marketing strategies